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1. He went ahead ________ all warnings about the danger of his mission.

A) in case of B) because of C) regardless of D) prior to

2. We object ________ punishing a whole group for one person’s fault.

A) against B) about C) to D) or

3. Jack is good, kind, hard-working and intelligent; ________; I can’t speak too highly of him.

A) as a result B) in a word C) by the way D) on the contrary

4. The man to whom we handed the forms pointed out that they had not been _______ filled in.

A) consequently B) regularly C) comprehensively D) properly

5. I shall have companion in the house after all these ________ years.

A) single B) sole C) alone D) lonely

6. After a long and exhausting journey, they arrived ________.

A) till the last B) at last C) by the end D) at the end

7. None of the servants were ________ when Mr. Smith wanted to send a message.

A) available B) attainable C) approachable D) applicable

8. I can’t ________ what that object is.

A) make up B) make over C) make out D) make for

9. I want to buy a new tie to ________ this brown suit.

A) go into B) go after C) go with D) go by

10. The newest satellite can ________ a thousand telephone conversations and a colour TV program at the same time.

A) carry B) extend C) bring D) take



6-10 BACCA:


1. However, at times this balance in nature is ________, resulting in a number of possibly unforeseen effects.

A) troubled B) disturbed C) confused D) puzzled

2. John Dewey believed that education should be a preparation for life, that a person learns by doing, and that teaching must ________ the curiosity and creativity of children.

A) seek B) stimulate C) shape D) secure

3. Criticism and self-criticism is necessary _______ it helps us to find and correct our mistakes.

A) by that B) at that C) on that D) in that

4. A peculiarly pointed chin is his most memorable facial ________.

A) mark B) feature C) trace D) appearance

5. The patient‘s health failed to such an extent that he was put into ________ care.

A) tense B) rigid C) intensive D) tight

6. Does everyone on earth have an equal right ________ an equal share of its resources?

A) by B) at C) to D) over

7. In 1914, an apparently insignificant event in a remote part of Eastern Europe ________ Europe into a great war.

A) inserted B) imposed C) pitched D) plunged

8. We had to ________ a lot of noise when the children were at home.

A) go in for B) hold on to C) put up with D) keep pace with

9. What he said just now had little to do with the question ________ discussion.

A) on B) in C) under D) at

10. Over a third of the population was estimated to have no ________ to the health service.

A) assessment B) assignment C) exception D) access

【参考答案:1-5 BBDBC 6-10 CDCCD】


英语等级考试三级考试常考的信件有:邀请信, 应征信,求职信, 感谢信, 致歉信, 道贺信, 投诉信, 询问信, 推荐信等等,今天我们整理了书信写作中的常用语,供同学们参考。

1. 信件开头常用语

I am writing to you to ask about the meeting to be held next month.

I have received your letter on Feb. 2nd 1998.

Thank you very much for the position you are offering.

It’s a long time that we haven’t seen each other.

I’m writing to introduce to you one of my good friends, Mr. Smith.

2. 信件文中常用语

Your presence on this occasion would be our greatest honour.

3. 信件结尾常用语

With many thanks.

Wish you the best of health and success.

Your early reply will be highly appreciated.

Expecting to hear from as soon as possible.

Looking forward to the pleasure of meeting you.

Regretting the inconvenience caused to you.

Thanks once more.

Many thanks for your kindness.

Thanks a lot and best wishes for you.


1、 One thing I do is work with Make-A-wish. If an ill child’s one wish to see a celebrity and he picks me, then I make time to see him. But I have to be very careful with these kids, because if you get too attached, you’re just setting yourself up for loss.

这个句子中重点解析的是” because if you get too attached, you’re just setting yourself up for loss.”的意思。


because if you get too attached, you’re just setting yourself up for loss.因为如果你太依恋,你会感到不舍。


set oneself up for loss是引起自己处于受损失或失去的状态。

2、 I don't ever want to have the effect on a person that this person had on me, where i was just blown away by disappointment. It took a few years to get over it.



ever,在否定句中起加强语气的作用,not ever从未。

3、Thank you for giving me the inspiration to stick around, at age 50, you have to feel you’re contributing to something.

这个句子中重点解析的是“ you have to feel you’re contributing to something.”


you have to fell you’re contributing to something"这句话的意思就是:在50岁时,你必须感到你正在对某些事情做贡献。

4、We stayed at the Ritz-Carlton and just had a blast. Or I’ll give everybody a ride in the Ultra light-it’s a flying kite.




5、“One day I’ll have my own barbecue.” In other words, every generation gets to improve on the dreams of the last generation.


6、 But it came with a price because when he was drinking, we had jobs and money. When he quit, we traded alcoholism for being dirt-poor.

这个句子中重点解析的是“we traded alcoholism for being dirt-poor.”这句话的真正含义。


we traded alcoholism for being dirt-poor:其中的trade sth. for sth.以...和...交易,以酗酒和穷困潦倒交易。

7、It got so bad that he either quit or got fired.


翻译为:一般so...that是如此...以至于...的意思,这里上下句不是因果关系: 变得糟糕的是,他既没有辞职也没有被解雇。后半句that he either quit or got fired是so bad的补充状语从句,补充说明so bad的细节,不要太拘泥语法结构,更应该注重的是:1.英语语序特征,2.英语国家的人的逻辑思维特征。

8、He was a tool pusher essentially, sold drill bits to oil-drilling companies.


9、 I never think that I ‘m doing eight-minute cures on television. But I think that 50 percent of the solution to any problem lies in defining it first. I can be an emotional compass that points them down the path.

这个句子中重点解析的是“cures”与“lies in”的意思,另外 “point……down”是词组吗?


cure:名词,治疗。point和后面的down可以认为没有关系,这里不是词组,down这里的意思是“沿着”,相当于along。down the path是介宾结构词组,在句中作points them的补充状语。


10、You can tell they lived during the Depression.


翻译为: 你可以断定他们生活在那时的大萧条期。

11、He reallv knows how to bring a person out.

"bring a person out."是“鼓励一个人的”的意思。


例:to bring sb...out

意思为:to make someone feel more comfident, happy, and friendly /使某人更加自信、开朗






Test skill

进入考场的时候,记住一定不要紧张,要面带微笑。应平静地坐在口试教师示意你坐的地方,坐下的时候要自然,坐姿要端正。坐下后,考官会跟你说如下三句话: Could you pass me your mark sheet please? (麻烦你递给我你的记分卡?)May Ihave your name? (我能知道你的名字吗?) My name is…, and this is… she/he will onlylisten to us. (我是……,这位是……,他/她只负责听我们说话。)三句话次序可能会颠倒,但不妨碍大家听懂意思。你须将口试计分卡交给专事评分的老师,然后老师会确认一下计分卡上的信息。随后口试考试正式开始。



(2)作为考生,你应该积极主动,多讲话,切忌一语不发地等着,问一句才答一句(当然也不要说起来没完没了)。对于一般疑问句的问题不要只答 “Yes”、“No”,要把句子说完整,把一般疑问句改换成肯定句式,并适当加以简要的解释,不一定非要等到口试教师追问“why”时,再说话。

(3)在Part B部分要特别注意两点:


二:是你和另一位考生都是来参加考试的,在讨论发言中应保持基本的机会均等。由于是临时组成的搭档,你与对方的英语水平可能会不同,如果他/她为了显示自己的水平、获得高分而不停地说,你可以寻找机会,使用得体的交际语言打断同伴的发言,如“I’m sorry,but I have to interrupt” “Excuse me,I have to stop you”“Sorry,Ithink.。。”。当然,如果你的同伴比较沉默,你可以用某些特定的语句启发你的同伴开口发言,这样才是良好的交流。这类语句有 “This ismy point of view.What do you think” “Do you agree with me”“That’s mypoint.What’s your opinion”等。



(6)考试过程当中,面部表情要与口中所说的内容相符合,该严肃的时候严肃、该活泼的时候活泼,否则就会很生硬。口试结束之后 口试结束后,你应当用英语分别向两位口试教师道谢和告别,给他们留下一个完整的好印象。




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