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1-5. Anthropologists wondered where the remote ancestors of the Polynesian peoples now living in the Pacific Islands came from.


【讲解】now living in the Pacific Islands是现在分词短语,作peoples的定语。


anthropologist:人类学家。anthropology意为“人类学”(the scientific study of people,their societies ,cultures,etc.)。相关词汇有sociology(社会学)和ethnology(人种学,民族学)。

remote ancestor:远祖(someone related to you,who lived a long time ago)。形容词remote的常用意为“遥远的,久远的”(far from towns or other places where people live),


the remotest corners of the earth 天涯海角

a custom of remote antiquity 远古遗风

remote亦可作名词,常用意为“遥控器”(remote controller)。

people:people作“一国人民,民族”(the people who belong to a particular country,race,or area)解时为可数名词单数,复数为peoples或people。参照上下文,文中people译为“民族”。


the peoples of the world 世界各国人民

a hardworking people 勤劳的民族

the Jewish people 犹太民族

Each people builds a culture adapted to its particular needs. 各民族都建立起一种适应其独特需要的文化。

1-6. The sagas of these people explain that some of them came from Indonesia about 2,000 years ago.



saga:传说(a long story about events that happen over many year)。

1-7. But the first people who were like ourselves lived so long ago that even their sagas, if they had any, are forgotten.


1-8. So archaeologists have neither history nor legends to help them to find out where the first 'modern men' came from.



legend:传说(an old,well-known story,often about brave people, adventures, or magical events)。形容词为legendary。

1-9. Fortunately, however, ancient men made tools of stone, especially flint, because this is easier to shape than other kinds.


【讲解】other kinds后面省略了of stones。


flint:燧石(a type of smooth hard stone that makes a small flame when you hit it with steel)。

1-10. They may also have used wood and skins, but these have rotted away.


【讲解】may also have used意为“可能使用过”,may+完成时结构表示对过去情况的推测。these指wood and skins。


rot: 腐败,腐烂(to decay by a gradual natural process, or to make something to do this)。

1-11. Stone does not decay, and so the tools of long ago have remained when even the bones of the men who made them have disappeared without trace.



when even the bones … trace相当于让步从句,when意即“虽然,尽管”,又如:

We sometimes expect gratitude when we are not entitled to it.


While he has a house of his own, his brother lives in a flat.




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