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基本框架 basic framework
办学效益 efficiency in school management
协调发展 coordinated and balanced program of development
教育投入 input in education
优化教师队伍 optimize the teaching staff
实行分区规划 practice regional planning
社会参与 communal participation
新增劳动力 incoming labor force
职前教育 pre-service education
岗位培训 undergo job-specific training
提高......的思想品德 enhance the moral awareness of ...
职业道德 professional ethics
重点学科 key disciplinary areas or priority fields of study
(大学)专科 Major Types of Education in China short 2- to 3- year higher education programs
扫盲班 literacy class
注册人数 enrollment
年龄段(层)age bracket
反复灌输 inculcate
希望工程 Project Hope
学龄儿童 school-ager
人才枯竭 exhaustion of human resources
辍/失学青少年 school dropout/leaver
基金会 foundation
服务性行业 service trade
在职培训 on-the-job/in-service training
国际劳工组织 International Labor Organization
基础科学 the fundamentals
学分制 the credit system
三学期制 the trimester system
双学士制 a double BA degree system
主副修制 a system of a major field of specialization plus a minor field
教学、科研、生产的"三结合" "3-in-1 combination" involving teaching,research, and production
三结合联合体 tripartite complex
定向招生 students are admitted to be trained for pre-determined employers
包分配 guarantee job assignments
燎原计划 the Prairie Fire Program
示范试点 demonstration pilot project
结合、使加入 incorporate
动员 mobilize
税收 tax revenue
多学科的 multi-disciplinary
重点大学 key university
被授权 be authorized to do
博士后科研流动站 center for post-doctoral studies
专业 speciality
爱国人士 patriotic personage
国家发明奖 National Invention Prize
国家自然科学奖 National Prize for Natural Sciences
国家科技进步奖 National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology
学术报告会,专题讨论会 symposium
记者招待会 press conference
国家教委主任 Chairman of the State Education Commission
国家统计局 the State Statistical Bureau
国家教育经费 national expenditure on education
财政拨款 financial allocation
半文盲 semiliterate; functional illiterate
占百分比 account for ...%
专任教师 full-time teacher
资料中心 data center
国际文化交流 intercultural communication
教育方针 guideline(s)/guiding principle(s) for education
Education must serve the needs of socialist modernization, be integrated with productive labor, and train builders and successors who are well developed morally, intellectual and physically.
a socialist education system with distinct Chinese characteristics that meets the needs of socialist modernization and is oriented to the 21st century
to keep to the socialist orientation
身体好,学习好,工作好。Keep fit, study hard and work well.
德才兼备 to combine ability with character; equal stress on integrity and ability
成为有理想,有道德,有文化,守纪律的劳动者 to become working people with lofty ideals, moral integrity, education and a sense of discipline
Gear education to the needs of modernization, the world and the future
爱国主义教育 education in patriotism
国际主义教育 education in internationalism
集体主义教育 education in collectivism
共产主义教育 education in communism
共产主义道德品质 communist ethics
政治思想教育 political and ideological education
"Five Love": love the motherland, the people, labor, and science and take good care of public property.
教书育人 to educate the person as well as impart book knowledge
to cultivate the ability to analyze and solve concrete problems independently
to help develop the ability of the students to think things out for themselves
to foster the students' ability to study on their own
发挥学生主动性、创造性 to give scope to the students' initiative and creativeness
自学成才 to become educated through independent study
启发式 elicitation method (of teaching); heuristic method